Thank You Southshore....

Dear Customers, Family & Friends, 

In 2014 we opened a little 700 sqft shop on Shell Point Road that grew into something bigger than any of us could have imagined. We grew into a "co-op" of shops that is currently managed by the lovely Mrs. Amber of The Ladies Trunk Show, Mrs. Shelly of Southshore Boutique, and of course myself with the Creative Classroom.  Our goal was to give Southshore a place to shop, socialize, create, paint, and just have fun in our sleepy town of Ruskin, that place is called Shell Point Cottage and mission accomplished!  The Cottage has always been home to some area superstars that paved the way to where we are today.  We are forever grateful for our team of amazing designers, crafters, makers and shakers! 

Most of you know that the Cottage was initially a gift to my Mother on what would have been her 42nd wedding anniversary.  The Cottage was a foundation for her to start a new life, create new friendships and most of all heal her grieving heart. Many of you have noticed that my Mom "Lola" has been away from the Cottage for nearly a year now as she travels back and forth between Florida, Arizona, and Oregon so that she can spend time with her family and Grandchildren. Back in the Fall Mrs. Amber stepped in and took her place to keep the Cottage going as you all know it today.  With our lease coming to an end in the next month, we have made a decision not to renew it due to so many personal changes.  HOWEVER, this is not the end.

Mrs. Shelly will be moving her awesome little boutique to Apollo Beach (next to Playtime and set to open Mid-June) and Mrs. Amber will be taking the summer off to enjoy the much needed time with her three children and her husband and will be working on her new shop that will open this Fall.  While the actual "Creative Classroom" will be closing up, I will still be around doing classes at Shelly's new shop as well as some pop up classes in Tampa and Riverview!  I'm excited for all these new ventures that have come our way, and the key to any great business is the ability to change and adapt.  We hope that our customers will continue to follow us to our new locations.  We will be keeping you all up to date on our facebook page of the new shop openings and all the things in between. 

Before I bring this post to an end, I would like to recognize the people that made our little Cottage Co-Op the place it is today.....

My dear Dina (The Country Primitive Shoppe), thank you for your gift of knowledge, your incredible product lines, your friendship, and for always being my "wifey" and keeping this place running.  To my amazing Dara (The Shabby Nona), your gift to the Cottage and ability to make a room feel like home has been one of our most amazing successes!  Your eye for interior design, choice of paint colors, and your flexibility to adapt to our clients has been a well made partnership over the past 3 years.  My dearest Sophie (The Rustic Roost), you were there for my Mother when I could not be and I will always be grateful for that.  Your amazing talent to create some of the most beautiful pieces have made Southshore homes a better place to live.  To my most amazing find, Stephanie (Twisted Fig), there are no words to describe our friendship.  You have given us your time, your knowledge and your style has graced my home since the day we met. Like Sophie you were there for my Mother when I could not be! to my lovely ladies Amber and Shelly, you two have taken this place and made it "incredible".  Clearly my niche is not fashion and thankfully you both have that gene.  Your styles, product lines, and exceptional customer service is what the Cottage has always been about.  You have become the Cottage's "first impression" and I could not image anyone else!  Thank you to Kay, Kate, & Paige for being part of this wild journey and for giving excellent customer service to every person who walked through that door and for taking the time to get to know them, their story, and making them always feel like home!

And last but not least....thank you Southshore!!! We have been blessed with your love and support of the Southshore area and we feel forever indebted to the kind people who gave us a place we could all call home.  Thank you again for being part of this amazing journey.

We will close our doors on Saturday June 23rd and we would love to see you there and celebrate just as we did the day we opened!  

Much Love,

Sarina & The Cottage Family.